Dads for Life (DFL) is a national movement that seeks to inspire, mobilise and involve fathers to become good influencers in their children's lives......for life.  This national movement for fathers comes under the purview of Centre for Fathering, a voluntary welfare organisation that believes in empowering fathers to be better role models and an enduring inspiration to their children. The DFL movement encompasses outreach to schools, community groups and workplaces. It was launched by MCYS in 2009 and handed to Centre for Fathering to continue the momentum in the community in 2015.

As part of the Dads for Life movement, Fathers@Schools platform was launched on 1 April 2010 with many schools taking part, and more joining in the subsequent years. This scheme encourages each school's father volunteers to form father's groups, to organise father-focused programs for the fathers and children of their school. These groups are formed only with the support of their schools, and are typically part of the school's Parent Support Groups (PSG), or if not, they are run with close collaboration with the PSG. 

On 27 February 2016, 300 participants comprising of Principals, Teachers, Chairmen and members of PSG from 130 Primary, Secondary and Junior Colleges came together and spent their precious Saturday in St Hilda's Primary School to learn about forming a Father Support Group for their schools. Truly amazing !! 


We, at Centre For Fathering, are truly humbled by the level of support and wish to thank each and everyone that came and made the event a resounding success !